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VCCRN facilitates relationships between health systems, academia, and the life science industry across the Commonwealth to create a robust statewide network for research and clinical trials.

As a network, we will…

Why Join VCCRN?

VCCRN Members can leverage our resources to expand their network, making critical connections with key stakeholders across Virginia’s healthcare systems, academic institutions, and life science organizations.

  • Secure clinical research funding using our resources.
  • Find local patients to participate in clinical studies and trials.
  • Advertise your trial to attract stakeholders and local interest.
  • Discover opportunities to commercialize breakthrough products and services.

How to Join VCCRN

Step 1: Fill Out Our Inquiry Form

Include your contact information, organization, and purpose for joining our network. This form helps us understand your project goals and expectations.

Step 2: Coordinate With Our Team

We’ll confirm your needs and email a tailored list of relevant resources to support your research. We’ll handle the warm introductions—the rest is up to you!

Our team finds connections through outreach opportunities, regional networking events, and network partners with complementary goals.

Step 3: Stay Connected

Join our email list and follow our socials to keep up with member news! Has your research earned publicity? Share your story with our team!


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